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East Carolina Motor Speedway – 2018 Track Rules

The East Carolina Motor Speedway 2017 Track Rules for U-Car Division, Mini-Stock Division, Street Stock Division, and Late Model Division Auto Racing are designed around the safety of our drivers and to make racing fun for participants and fans of all ages. Call EC Speedway at 252-385-0218 for more information regarding tickets, track events, directions and more.

East Carolina Motor Speedway – General Rules for 2018

RULE BOOK DISCLAIMER: The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. It is at the tracks discretion to partially inspect or perform a total inspection of the motor and/or chassis components after consecutive wins. The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials, their decision is final.


1. If a driver participates in more than one class on one race night, they must purchase a pit admission for each class.
2. A driver will only be permitted to earn championship points in one (1) of East Carolina Motor Speedway Divisions; Late Model Stock, Street Stock, Mini Stock, UCAR. Racers must declare which division in which you would like to accumulate driver championship points prior to the first race of the season.
3. If not specified in Rules, all parts must remain O.E.M for year, make and model.
4. It is at the tracks discretion to partially inspect or perform a total inspection of motor and/or chassis components after consecutive wins.
5. A neck collar or head and neck restraint device/system (R3/HANS/Hutchens) is mandatory and is to be used during track rentals, practice, qualifying and main events.
6. Anyone detected spilling or putting oil on property of the East Carolina Motor Speedway will be suspended indefinitely. A WASTE OIL container is provided at the tech building.
7. No used tires are to be left on East Carolina Motor Speedway property.

1. At all events conducted at ECMS, the DRIVER assumes the responsibility for all actions of any of his pit crew. The driver shall be the sole spokesperson. (Any person in your pit area is considered your crew)
2. Any participant showing evidence of possessing or consuming any alcoholic beverage or drugs will be immediately escorted from the pit area.
3. FIGHTING or DISORDERLY CONDUCT will result in suspension from the race track. The decision of the East Carolina Motor Speedway Officials is final. The Raceway may require a periodic test of any licensed member for alcohol or drug consumption.
4. THERE WILL BE NO ROUGH DRIVING. Any driver intentionally spinning another car out may be BLACK FLAGGED. Close, competitive, side-by-side, racing does not apply! ANY DRIVER WHO CONTINUALLY CAUSES TROUBLE WILL BE SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY. This decision will be made by Track Officials.
6. Any driver, car owner, or crew member entering the pit area carrying anything that can be used as a weapon will be ejected from the Speedway immediately.
7. Drivers, crew members and car owner in all divisions are required to obtain a ECMS Track license, anyone entering the pit area is required to have ECMS Track license.
8. No one may enter the pit area until he/she has personally signed all releases, registrations and entry forms.
9. The driver that starts the race is the driver who receives the points. Once the field has completed a scored lap, a driver may NOT change cars.
10. Any car, which causes a caution flag two (2) times in any race (heat or feature), will be warned with a black flag. The driver will be disqualified from the race after causing three (3) cautions. A two (2) caution disqualification rule may be invoked for special events, at Race Director’s discretion.

1. Protest must be filed with a track official within 15 minutes from the checkered flag being waved. Driver or car owner is to notify pit official at scale tech area (in writing) prior to time period expiring. Once the time period has expired, all requests will be denied.
2. Only the driver or car owner may lodge a protest. Protest may only be lodged against a car that finished in front of protesting car. After filing a protest driver/car owner must return to their pit area.
3. Only two (2) crew members of car being protested will be allowed in the protest area. No one from another competitor’s car may inspect view scale reading, or measure any competitor’s car.
4. The following protest fee’s have been established at EAST CAROLINA MOTOR SPEEDWAY effective April 1, 2013 a. Top End Limited & Late Model Stock – per NASCAR rule book Street Stock – $300.00 Mini Stock – $250.00 b. Top and Bottom End Limited &Late Model Stock – per NASCAR rule book Street Stock – $600.00 Mini Stock – $450.00 c. Other protested items (Clutch, Rear End, Transmission, Shocks, etc.) are $200 each.
5. The track will retain 25% of the protest money to pay tech personnel. Should the car being protested be found to be legal, the driver of that car will receive 75% of the protest fees. Should the car being protested be found to be illegal, the driver or car owner making the protest will receive 75% of the protest fees.
6. Refusal to accept a protest, or to submit to an inspection, will result in disqualification, a one (1) race suspension of the driver and a $200 fine.

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