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Builders Discount Center Tradin Paint 225

Robersonville, NC – East Carolina Motor Speedway is proud to announce the Builders Discount Center Tradin Paint 225 this Saturday May 30th, 2015. Pit Gates open at 2:00pm and practice will begin at 5. Don’t miss out on a great fun filled night of racing as Late Models will battle it out for a $2,000 to win!  The Green flag will drop at 7:00, so grab a friend and come on out!



East Carolina Motor Speedway, EC Speedway for short is your home for U-Car Racing, Mini Stock Racing, Street Stock Racing, and Late Model Auto Racing! Our track provides auto racing entertainment for Robersonville, Williamston, Ahoskie, Greenville, Washington, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wilmington, MoreHead City, Danville, Scotland Neck in North Carolina and Virginia. Call us at 252-385-0218 or stop by at 4914 US 64 Alt., Robersonville, NC 27871.

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Its Bo Time 200 Saturday May 16th at ECMS

East Carolina Motor Speedway in Robersonville, NC is proud to present the It’s Bo Time 200 this Saturday May 16th at EC Speedway. Races will feature some of the best Modified, Late Model, Street Stock, Mini Stock and UCAR racing in Eastern North Carolina. Grandstands open at 3:00, Practice begins at 3:30 and the Green flag drops at 7:00pm. Join us this Saturday night under the lights at ECMS.




East Carolina Anticipates Strong Season After Offseason Changes

Panorama of East Carolina Motor Speedway (Justin Kern/The Weekly Racer)

Panorama of East Carolina Motor Speedway (Justin Kern/The Weekly Racer)

East Carolina Motor Speedway promoter John Vick expects two major offseason moves to have a strong impact on car counts and fan counts during the 2015 racing season.

During the offseason, the track released a new schedule, moving races at the Robersonville, North Carolina short track from Friday nights to Saturday nights on weeks opposite of nearby Southern National Motorsports Park and Wake County Speedway.  Vick expects the Saturday night races to draw more fans and more drivers to the facility each week.

“That’s a huge deal to us because of where we’re located,” Vick said.  “I think it’s going to draw a lot more fans.  It’s great for a family.  Wake County is successful b/c of location in Raleigh.  Our fans are located 30 minutes away from the track.  It’s tough.  We’re also running opposite of Southern National so that also helps.  Now we have three different tracks running three different nights and we want to support all of them.”

Vick elaborated further on the move helping all three tracks, saying he would like to see East Carolina, Wake County and Southern National all work to support each other and their racers.

“Those are great tracks and we’re willing to work and participate in anything we need to.  There’s no reason our drivers can’t go to each of those tracks.”

The other move East Carolina made in the offseason was a unification of its Late Model divisions.  The track has been running Late Model Stock Cars and Limited Late Models.  While the Limiteds had a respectable car count, the Late Model Stock Car division did not in spite of names like Dillon Bassett and Deac McCaskill racing there.

“I think our rules are pretty close to Southern National’s rules now,” Vick stated.  “We put our rules out in December and, as far as I know, we’ll stay with it.  Everybody seems pleased with it.  We’ve had nothing but positive feedback. We’re going to have a great year.  We also added Legends and Bandoleros this year.”

Vick was lured into the racing scene by Wayne Perry, the current owner of East Carolina Motor Speedway.  Vick worked in radio and Perry asked him if he wanted to get involved with the track.  In fact, Vick has even setup a weekly racing radio show on several FM radio stations in the Greenville, North Carolina market which is hosted by track announcer Alan Vick (no kin to John Vick).

Vick has new plans for promotions in 2015, including an agriculture festival at the track and an independence celebration.

“We’re doing some specialty nights we’re putting together.  We’re working with North Carolina Department of Agriculture.  We’re going to be doing some stuff with them this year.  We’re going to do an agriculture festival in July.  We’re working on a few things we’re trying to lock down.  We’re thinking about a big freedom celebration for our July 3rd race.  We’re working on something each night.  We want to create a great experience for the drivers and the fans and look out for the people who are working with us as sponsors.”

Vick says the biggest challenge he faces at East Carolina is getting drivers and fans to come to the track a first time.  He feels that, if fans and drivers come once, they’ll keep coming back.

“Our biggest challenge is having people give us the first opportunity to see what we’re about.  I really believe that, when people find out what we’re about and see how we make it a family fun night.  If we can find out how to reach them, they will continue to support the track.  To us, short track racing is fun.  The first impression is the single most important one.”

The first race of the season at East Carolina Motor Speedway will be on Saturday, April 18th.

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2015 East Carolina Motor Speedway Schedule

April 18th: Late Model Stock Car
May 2nd: Late Model Stock Car
May 16th: Late Model Stock Car
May 30th: Late Model Stock Car (Twin Races)
June 6th: Late Model Stock Car
June 20th: Late Model Stock Car (Twin Races)
July 3rd: Late Model Stock Car (Twin Races)
July 18th: Late Model Stock Car
July 25th: Late Model Stock Car
August 8th: Late Model Stock Car (Twin Races)
August 22nd: Late Model Stock Car
September 5th: Late Model Stock Car
September 19th: Late Model Stock Car (Twin Races)

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2015 Open Practice Dates

East Carolina Motor Speedway will be holding Open Practice for All Classes on the following dates:

  • March 14th, 2015
  • March 21st, 2015
  • April 4th, 2015

Gates will be open from 9:00am -4:00pm. New Tires will be available at the track as well as NASCAR license application. If you have any questions please email us at

East Carolina Motor Speedway, EC Speedway for short is your home for U-Car Racing, Mini Stock Racing, Street Stock Racing, and Late Model Auto Racing! Our track provides auto racing entertainment for Robersonville, Williamston, Ahoskie, Greenville, Washington, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wilmington, MoreHead City, Danville, Scotland Neck in North Carolina and Virginia. Call us at 252-385-0218 or stop by at 4914 US 64 Alt., Robersonville, NC 27871.

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Link to Renew your NASCAR License

2015 License Renewal Button

If you are looking to renew your Nascar License East Carolina Motor Speedway has provided the link below to make it easy for you!

Renew your NASCAR License at:

East Carolina Motor Speedway, EC Speedway for short is your home for U-Car Racing, Mini Stock Racing, Street Stock Racing, and Late Model Auto Racing! Our track provides auto racing entertainment for Robersonville, Williamston, Ahoskie, Greenville, Washington, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wilmington, MoreHead City, Danville, Scotland Neck in North Carolina and Virginia. Call us at 252-385-0218 or stop by at 4914 US 64 Alt., Robersonville, NC 27871.

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East Carolina Motor Speedway Releases Late Model Rules

East Carolina Motor Speedway
ROBERSONVILLE, NC :: East Carolina Motor Speedway released their rules for the 2015 season after announcing they have merged the Limited Late Model and Late Model Stock Car divisions.

The division will run out of a Limited Late Model rulebook which has been altered to allow both divisions to compete.  The Limited Late Model division will be East Carolina’s premier racing division with drivers competing there collecting points in Division I of the NASCAR Whelen All American Series.

According to track promoter John Vick, the decision to merge the classes was made by track owner Wayne Perry.  Last year, the Limited Late Model division saw double digit car counts while the Late Model Stock Car division only saw single digit car counts.

“I think it’s a good thing.  We have a really good field of Limited Late Models and we think this will give an opportunity for the Late Models to come down a little bit, Limiteds to step up, give us full fields, make the racing a little better and drop costs a little bit.”

Under East Carolina’s rules, the Ford S347JR, Ford’s junior crate engine, is the only Ford crate engine allowed to compete.  That engine is used in the Limited Late Model division.  The Ford 347JR will have an additional 50 pounds added to the car and drivers running that engine will run a 390-inch carburetor.  The Little Hickory motors and GM 604 engines will all have run an additional 25 pounds while the built Late Model engines, GM 602 crate engines and the ZZ4 engines will run at 3,050 pounds.

Drivers will be allowed to run four new tires on opening night and two new tires and two scuff tires each race after that with tires impounded each race night.  New cars that come after opening night must purchase two new and two scuff tires from the racetrack.

Joshua Van Winkle has competed in the Late Model Stock Car division at East Carolina Motor Speedway for four seasons.  Van Winkle says the rules, as well as the move to Saturdays nights, will help the racetrack but will hurt him.

“I think the only guys who will be really hurt by these rules are me and Shelton McNair but Saturday night racing will help them dramatically I feel like,” Van Winkle commented.  “It’s the right move for the track, wrong move for me.”

Louis White won the Limited Late Model championship at East Carolina Motor Speedway in 2014, his fourth track championship of any kind.  White, who will at least start out running the full season at East Carolina, says the rules should help the track and should attract competition from other racetracks.

“I didn’t see a lot of difference in them from last year.  I just got a glance at them.  I feel like it will help because they’ll run Limiteds as the premier class and it’s the same way all the Limited cars run now.  I’m looking forward to it.  Maybe there will be some good competition there.”

East Carolina’s complete rules package can be seen on their website »

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2015 Race Schedule Posted

East Carolina Motor Speedway

Robersonville, NC – East Carolina Motor Speedway is proud to announce our tentative saturday night race schedule for the 2015 Race Season. East Carolina Motor Speedway will hold its first practice for 2015 on March 28th followed by the 2nd practice on April 4th, 2015. We are excited to bring the following classes to Robersonville for the 2015 Race Season: Late Model Stock Car, Modifieds, Street Stock, Mini Stock and U-Cars. View our 2015 Race Schedule

East Carolina Motor Speedway, EC Speedway for short is your home for U-Car Racing, Mini Stock Racing, Street Stock Racing, and Late Model Auto Racing! Our track provides auto racing entertainment for Robersonville, Williamston, Ahoskie, Greenville, Washington, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wilmington, MoreHead City, Danville, Scotland Neck in North Carolina and Virginia. Call us at 252-385-0218 or stop by at 4914 US 64 Alt., Robersonville, NC 27871.

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Military Appreciation Night at ECMS

Military Appreciation Race at ECMS


Robersonville, NC – East Carolina Motor Speedway drivers and fans are looking forward to the Military Appreciation Night Race that will be held on Friday July 25th, 2014 in Robersonville, NC. We will feature U-Car, Mini Stock, Street Stock, Limited Late Model and Late Model Stock racing. Invite your family and friends and come out and join us for a fun night of racing under the lights. Free General Admission will be offered for Active/Retired Military with Proper Id. 

Gates will open at 4:00 pm
Practice will begin at 6:00 pm
Green Flag will Drop at 8:00 pm

East Carolina Motor Speedway, EC Speedway for short is your home for U-Car Racing, Mini Stock Racing, Street Stock Racing, and Late Model Auto Racing! Our track provides auto racing entertainment for Robersonville, Williamston, Ahoskie, Greenville, Washington, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wilmington, MoreHead City, Danville, Scotland Neck in North Carolina and Virginia. Call us at 252-385-0218 or stop by at 4914 US 64 Alt., Robersonville, NC 27871.

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East Carolina Motor Speedway (4/4/14)


Touring Series Race #2

ROBERSONVILLE, NC – You couldn’t ask for a much better evening to go racing than Friday night, the forecast called for 80 degrees with a few clouds here and there, something we haven’t seen in months. Friday night played host to race number two in our little 10 race special feature. East Carolina Motor Speedway in its inaugural season under NASCAR is on the constant rise and looking for more cars to take the track. Like most tracks, East Carolina’s premier division are the Late Model Stock Cars, and with only seven cars on both nights fans have yet see the full potential this facility has to offer!


Leading up to Friday’s event track management told me they have been working hard on getting sponsorships sold and working with local media outlets to make the speedway North Carolina’s premier short track for Friday night racing! Even talking with drivers from my local area about East Carolina Motor Speedway like past Langley Speedway champion Mark Wertz, “It’s a great track,” Wertz tells me. “I ran there back in the 90’s some. I plan on bringing our banked track car that way a couple times when things get settled down.” Eventual Langley Speedway opener Greg Edwards had nice things to say about the speedway, he did not confirm nor deny a possible trip with a Late Model in the future.


This week I decided to spend practice down in the pits watching teams get their machines ready for the evening. I will say one thing I was glad to see is the overall car count was up! Had a few more UCAR’s this weekend who later put on a pretty good show! The #48 of Duane Walker, who has won plenty of races in the past started dead last via the draw and climbed to the 3rd position in just one lap! Walker did take the lead on lap 12 and put a good five cars between him and Brandner only to fall way off the pace in a few laps to hand the lead back over to Brandner. Thomas Brandner and the #24 car would hold onto the lead and captures back-to-back victories!

Mini stocks were next on the track and by the luck of the draw previous winner Kevin Pierce started on the outside pole. Pierce did not stay there long as he took the lead and dominated yet again as he too took back-to-back victories at the high bank tri-oval of East Carolina Motor Speedway.

Limited Late Models

With a little bit of a schedule change from opening night, the Limited Late Models were moved to race number three and boy did they put on what I think was the best race of then evening. From the drop the green flag the top three cars battled from lap one to lap 50 in a caution free race!

IMG_7480Only took twelve laps in for Louis White and the number 7 machine to battle for the lead. White’s car looked to be able to gain on the #99 of Taylor Howard in the corners but would fall back just a bit on the straightaways. For most of the race your top three of White, Daniels and Howard could be covered by a single car cover!

On lap 31 of 50 we saw another new leader, the number 16 car of Rusty Daniels and let me tell you Louis White did not make it easy for Daniels. White worked on on the 16 car putting the bumper to him a few times, not a gigantic hit but just enough to make Daniels have to get on the wheel, who eventually took the lead back on lap 42. Daniels would come back and give White a taste of his own medicine taking the lead back with 4 laps to go with the bump and run but was not enough to hold off Louis White as he takes the checkered flag and earns his first win of the season. Your second place car the 16 of Rusty Daniels followed by your pole sitter Taylor Howard who seemed to just fall off the pace with just about five laps to go.

IMG_7494Your fourth place victor on the night was the 12 machine of Wesley Johnson. Johnson started outside of the top five with the sixth best time of 16.050 and had an amazing run into the top five. Rounding out your top five was the 77 car of Garrett Marchant, who is currently looking for a few more sponsors to help with this season. Marchant who qualified third with a 15.978 was able to hold on to his first top five of the season.


Late Model Stock Cars

The Late Model Stock’s were back in town again this week for race number two on East Carolina Motor Speedway’s second race of the year. For the second week in a row only seven LMSC showed up for the 100 lap feature event. We had all but one driver return for race two while a new driver came into town.


Opening night winner Deac McCaskill (2014 SNMP Champion) set a blistering pace earlier in the evening setting on the pole at 15.292, the 9 of Thomas Burbage starting outside row one. Newcomer Dillon Bassett, brother to SNMP All-Star Classic winner Ronnie Bassett Jr, started inside of row two with Shelton McNair starting to his outside. Josh VanWinkle in the other 44 started the evening inside of row 3 with the 01 of Jeff Shifflett to his outside in P6 and Brian Whitehurst rounding out the field in the black number 8.

Took the boys two tries to get a good start as McCaskill and Bassett took off like rockets into turn one putting two full seconds between themselves and the rest of the field. 20 laps into the feature Dillion decides its time to get serious, sticks his nose under McCaskill at the stripe and comes out of turn two as the leader. McCaskill just did not have enough for Bassett as the 44 held on to lead the remaning 80 laps for his first victory on his first visit to the track. “We still got a little bit of work to do,” Deac during the post race interview. “We had a different combination here this weaken, maybe we can try something different and come back in a couple weeks.”


Though this battle was not up at the front where you would want to be, Shifflett and VanWinkle spent most of the evening working on each other to try and take home a top 5. Jeff Shifflett had the better car for the first half of the race until a spin off of turn two that would bring out the second caution of the night set him back for a few laps, however due to some mechanical issues Shifflett was able to bring home a 4th place finish behind VanWinkle

Thomas Burbage and the 9 car had a great run on the restart of lap 50 pulling up to the door of McCaskill but the 08 just had the stronger car as he was able to keep second position. Things were looking good for Burbage up till lap 69 when the car dropped a ton of fluid down the back stretch, his car and his night came to a rest on the apron of turn 3.

Dillon with almost a hiccup as he is slow on the restart of lap 70, McCaskill tried to muscle past him but just not enough car as Bassett jumped out to a two second lead with 25 laps to go and as the field spread out no chance for another caution as Dillon Bassett held on to take the victory.


I was able to catch up with him during post race inspection and talk to him about how it felt to see the track for the first time and take home the trophy,

“Its really cool you know, being the first time I ever seen the place,” Bassett explains. “Early this morning we came down here and tested, felt like we struggled a little bit but worked on it when we were able to come in and practice. Its really unique to come to a place like this and be able to win your first time its just really neat.”Besides only limited track time Dillon also told me how he likes to drive into the corners really deep and that was something he could not do here at East Carolina.

“I knew we had a really good car once we got strung out,” Bassett speaking about how good McCaskill was on restarts. “Just trying to be cautious on the starts, didn’t want to over drive it and wash up into someone and wreck, just trying to be easy on the starts and let everything settle itself out.” Well he had that strategy down to a science as it only took the 44 car about a half way through turn one to come back up to full speed.


Earlier in the day I was floating around the mystical place of social media and saw Dillon was out at SoBo doing some testing, I mentioned it to Dillon sort of off the record wondering if he was going to run the Twin 75’s they had the following day, he informed me he would more than likely go out to Caraway Speedway and run because SoBo only allowed the 390 on the Ford crate motor. So Bassett and his crew loading the 44 machine back into its stable, strapped the winning trophy down in the truck and headed 200 miles west to Caraway Speedway where Bassett took home another victory going 2 for 2 on the weekend. Bassett also told me to look for him this year at most of the big races as he and the team looks there to focus most of their time and energy, he also did not rule out the Hampton Heat 200 at Langley Speedway.

As the evening started to come to a close I was happy to be able to network with some of the drivers down on pit road, get our name out there and hopefully bring some new drivers to the site. East Carolina Speedway kicked off what is surely to be more double header weekends of racing and this is why it landed its self as race #9 on our top 10 races of the 2014 season. With the help of you the fans I think East Carolina can play host to not only a spoiler in the national points but for the North Carolina state title.

If you haven’t already please visit the track on the web at, you can also follow them on social media outlets like Facebook & Twitter for all kind of updates throughout the season. Of course we here at The Weekly Racer will do everything we can to keep you guys up to date with the most recent news for all the pertains to East Carolina Motor Speedway.

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Opening Night at East Carolina Motor Speedway


Robersonville, NC — Just about every professional sport in today’s age has some sort of full speed, full contact practice before the real battle begins. Major League Baseball has Spring Training, the National Football League has a four game pre-season, NASCAR has open practices and test sessions. For all intents and purposes this was exactly what this weekend was for us at The Weekly Racer, a live time practice night gearing up for the 2014 race season and our inaugural touring season. To my luck I had the entire day off from my day job so what did I do, what just about any other race fan would do, packed up the equipment and headed south!

Friday was what all drivers and race fans wish for, plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. The day saw moderate cloud cover and temps well in the upper 60’s for most of the afternoon and into the evening. Before jumping on the road I had to run a few errands around town and I used it as my test to see if riding with the top down would be a viable option… I decided against it and just went windows down.

The drive from Newport News to Robersonville, North Carolina – the quiet little city to play host to this new NASCAR Hometrack – was actually really pleasant! Though the GPS I was using decided to take me through downtown Suffolk, on a Friday afternoon, while certain roads were closed and/or under construction BUT I can’t be to angry the maps haven’t been updated in a few years and, I still got there ten minutes before the gates opened. I do have to be honest though, this has been the most ‘Out In The Middle Of No Where’ tracks I have been to yet! Which is one of the things I loved about this place!

The closer I got to my destination the smaller and more ‘windy’ the roads got. It took me down one road, I guess it was a short cut, that I actually was not sure if it was paved or just a gravel road that has been compacted over the years! Pulling up to the track I noticed there wasn’t a huge billboard out front, not a ton of bright lights – hell there wasn’t even street lights on the road the track is on – no fancy parking lot, this to me was the definition of short track racing.

You know I come from a track that has been around for quite a few years now, that has gone through management changes, upgrades, renovations, but there was something that stuck out in my mind about East Carolina Motor Speedway. Something about the wooden grandstands, and red guard rail that still encompasses most of this 3/8 mile high banked tri-oval. I don’t want it to sound like Mr. Perry and his staff are behind the times, I actually feel like it adds something special to the track, a reminder of where the sport has come from.

Open Those Gates 

Every other Friday afternoon at 4 pm (EDT) East Carolina Motor Speedway will open its gates to drivers and fans alike! I will say make sure you get there ASAP because there was a line of eight or nine cars lined up waiting to get into the pits and set up. There were definitely some opening night jitters/confusion, however, the staff was very diligent and worked together to over come those obstacles. I highly suggest heading over to for all their ticket pricing and a full listing of this seasons race schedule.

Practice got underway right at 6 pm (EDT), race control was pushing for two rounds for each class with a five-minute time limit whether cars were on the track or not. Not a whole lot of time to figure out a line or a set up, but there is only so much you can do when gates open later in the afternoon. I was hoping to provide you with some practice times to see who was going to be fast right out the gate but the track was working out some glitches and training with the new scoring system and scoreboard, not to mention some drivers had not placed their transponders in the machines just yet.

Race director, Dalford Briley and his crew kept things running smooth as silk through practice leading up to qualifying. Now again remember there are a lot of things I am still learning this season so I was a bit surprised when only Late Model Stocks & Limited Late models took the track for 2 laps of qualifying. In my previous experience with Saturday night racing each division got at least one lap on the clock, but when your running a program that is not able to start until 4 pm I can see the need to draw pills to start the lower divisions.

UCAR – 20 Laps

The UCAR division was the first to start the 2014 season at East Carolina. A division that over the years has grown in popularity due to the lower financial needs to field these cars. Eleven cars showed up to help kick this season off right and by the luck of the draw the #08 of Joseph Pittman was given the honor of starting on the pole and when the green flag waved he wasted no time jumping out to a huge lead.

It did not take long however for the first caution flag to wave when last years points champion #48 Duane Walker broke loose in turn four and smacked the guard rail pretty hard. When the field took the green flag on lap 5 so did the #90 machine of Greg Walston, and he took the lead in commanding fashion jumping out four to five car links over the rest of the field.

The race would see two more caution flags and one intense battle for the win. With five laps the #24 car of Thomas Brandner decided it was time to get down to business. Spending three-quarters of the race hanging towards the back of the top five, Brander took the lead from Travis Miller down the back straightaway coming to the white flag and held the field of to capture his first win of the season.

Street Stock – 10 Laps & Mini Stock – 25 Laps

The Street Stock division originally set to take to the track for a 25 lap feature was shortened to 10 laps after only three cars showed up for opening night. To make matters worse the #10 of Frank Reigel ran into problems on the warm up laps and was unable to take the green flag and the black #3 of Travis Roberson took the checkers in dominating fashion over Nathan Ward and the #40 car.

Mini Stocks were next to take the track. The first time seeing a division like this, all but one car had an old style mustang 5.0 body and all of them sounded like V6 engines. Either way, you could tell these drivers were eager to get the adrenaline pumping through their system as it took the field three tries to get underway. Coy Whitehurts drives way to deep into one spins, creates a full restart. Then pole sitter Andy Ipock #51 & Lee Campbell try twice to get a good green flag start. Each time punching the throttle before flagman Terry Bullock threw the green flag, “I’m gonna give these boys one more time before moving the whole field up,” Bullock told the tower. The message must have been received as the fourth time was a charm.

The #12 car of Kevin Peirce took the lead on lap 3 and never looked back as the field cruised for 25 laps with only one caution on lap 18 for potential oil leaking. Track officials slowed the field down to check each car, checked them all out, nothing was bad enough to warrant a black flag and we were back to green flag racing for a seven lap shootout where Peirce held on to win followed by the #24 of Barnes, #01 of Whitehurst, the #51 of Ipock and the #64 on Cambell.

Late Model Stock Car – 100

The race that everyone had been waiting for all night, home track hero of Michael Rouse starting on the pole and new comer Deac McCaskill made of the first of four rows to take the green flag. What shocked me right off the bat was how fast McCaskill and his blue #08 fell to the back of the pack. At first I thought he was having mechanical issues, or not enough practice time at a new track, but then it hit me; he is saving his stuff for the end.

Michael Rouse did not care however as he jumped out to a one second lead of long time Langley Speedway driver Jeff Shiflett. There was no looking back for the #23 machine as he held just over a one second lead for the first quarter of the race, while 2013 Southern National Motorsports Park Champion Deac McCaskill still rides over eight seconds behind the leader.

It wasn’t until lap 40 that McCaskill seemed to turn on the jets while Shifflett looked to lose a bit on his car as the #9 machine of Burbage passes Shifflett like he was standing still. We only had one caution during the entire race for debris that was found in the racing line in the middle of turns one and two. This was a huge break for McCaskill & Shifflett as Deac had seamed to have lost the field and allowed for Shifflett to cool his tires.

Lap 75 was a scary moment as Brian Whitehurst in the #8 machine gets way loose out of turn number two almost collecting now charging Deac McCaskill. With 16 laps to go McCaskill takes second position away and set his eyes on race leader Michael Rouse. Deac finally took the lead with 5 laps left as Michael Rouse tried everything he could to hold onto the lead but it just was not enough as McCaskill took the white flag with a two car lead and brought home the trophy.

After the races were complete I caught up with Deac and asked him how it felt to get the win first time here.

“Feels good man,” McCaskill told me. “Hate that we only had seven cars here you know but still, a wins a win. It was a challenge for us, it was the first time we had seen this track today. We had two really short practices, we were fairly close when we unloaded, we still made a lot of changes anticipating that tire wear was going to be really bad.


When the race got under way and Deac feel to the back of the pack I looked over to the announcer and told him, watch for that 08 I can guarantee you he is saving his stuff for the end and boy did he ever. “I didn’t want to drop back that far, I was hoping to run second or third,” McCaskill weighed in on dropping back so far. “I panicked there for a minute and said I think I better go. Deac took off and with the help of a mid race caution was able to be there for one exciting finish at the end.

I did ask Deac how this year was going to play out with points, will he run SNMP and ECMS with hopes of a national championship he told me right now the team is just taking it week by week. “Last year we ran a lot of races and it was just tough.” McCaskill did express they would see how things played out about midway through the season and see if they had a chance to run for a national title.

Limited Late Models – 50 Laps

The Limited late models were the last division to take the track for their 50 lap feature. It didn’t take long to run into trouble as the #3 of Travis Roberson snapped loose going into one hits the wall hard and drops a lot of fluid on the track. Clean up took quite some time to finish as there was fluid from top to bottom. More misfortune for some teams on opening night as Taylor Howard has a ton of smoke out the back of his #99 machine and he was done for the night. About midway through the race the #77 had issues and had to take his machine behind the wall! Lap 35 pretty much sealed as the #16 of Daniels takes the lead as White slowed up and took a three to four car lead quick and cruised his way to victory.


East Carolina Motor Speedway will take the week off and return Friday April 4th for race number two of the season. If you have some time head over to their website, here is the link – – for some more information. While you are doing that why don’t you head over to our Facebook page, very soon I will be giving away two sets of tickets for the April 4th race. If you have not liked the page click the Like button when you see the announcement and you are entered to win, if you already like the page simple share the status on your page and you will be entered to win.

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